Innovation Fund


About The Innovation Fund

The TeachMichigan Innovation Fund exists to bring ideas to life that have the potential of transforming schools throughout Michigan with the belief that one day, every child in Michigan will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. The TeachMichigan Innovation Fund seeks to activate courageous leadership in design thinking and problem solving and encourage innovative ideas that directly support improving the student experience in schools or incentivizing and inspiring educator retention.

We define improving the student experience in schools as inspiring student leadership, well-being, and deepening student learning. We define inspiring educator retention as projects that support re-thinking the educator role, exploring flexible scheduling to create more time in the day for educators, developing educator career pathways, and supporting educator wellness, among others.

Over the next year, TeachMichigan will invest up to 1 million in innovation funding across our six partner regions.

Fellow Funds Benefits

  • Access to funds of up to $10,000 for TeachMichigan Fellows
  • Access to a minimum of 2 coaching sessions with Innovation Team Leads
  • Opportunity to lean on, learn from, and engage with project leaders across the State of Michigan
  • Opportunity to codify your learnings and publish key findings with the larger TeachMichigan community
  • Opportunity to build and learn project management skills
  • The ability to create and impact system change for education

Partner Funds

TeachMichigan seeks to engage with our partners on broader projects that will enhance both student outcomes and inspire initiatives that will improve educator sustainability.

Enhancing Student Outcomes

TeachMichigan Partners seeking to launch a building and/or district wide initiative to enhance student academic outcomes, social and emotional wellness, and leadership are eligible to apply for up to $20,000 in innovation funding in fall 2023.


TeachMichigan Innovation Fund Lab

Questions about the innovation fund should be directed to Matt DeLaurence and Lexi Zeidan at and

Fellow Funds

TeachMichigan fellows are eligible to apply for up to $10,000 in funding to support projects that will enhance student outcomes and inspire educator retention.

Fellow Requirements

  • Be a TeachMichigan Fellow working in a Title I district and/or school.
  • Attend one onboarding session with TeachMichigan staff.
  • Participate in innovation fund lab engagement sessions, as requested and appropriate.
  • If requested, host TeachMichigan for a site visit to view the success of the project.
  • Submit an interim and final report documenting you project at requested deadlines. More information will be provided at onboarding sessions to approved individuals.
  • If requested and in collaboration with TeachMichigan, amplify the success and learnings of your project.

Partner Funds

TeachMichigan Partners seeking to pilot initiative to enhance educator sustainability may apply for between $30,000 and $75,000 in innovation funding. TeachMichigan is especially interested in exploring ideas that:

  • Re-design the role of a teacher.
  • Explore flexible scheduling to create more time for teachers during the school day.
  • Expand educator career pathways.
  • Enhance educator wellness programs.
  • Other broader sustainability initiatives that lead to educator retention.

Initial rounds of applications are due in December 2023.

Partner Innovation Fund Requirements

  • Have a formalized MOU in place with TeachMichigan.
  • If requested, work with TeachMichigan to amplify, learn, and codify the learnings of the initiative.
  • Information Session
  • Application Window
  • Evaluation Window
  • Optional: Applicant Interview (only if more information is needed)
  • Applicants Notified of Proposal Status
  • Required Onboarding Session
  • Fund Disbursement
  • Innovation Fund Lab
    Coaching Sessions Offered
  • Amplify the Success of Your Subject