Together, we can make Michigan the best place to be an educator.

TeachMichigan is a state-funded, five-year initiative to invest into the retention and development of high-impact educators working in under-resourced schools across Michigan.

Our mission is to spearhead a statewide model that will retain high-impact teachers.

High-impact educators are among the biggest “difference makers” when it comes to a student having an equitable education and growing into capable, confident and healthy adults. The problem is that educators are leaving the profession at alarming rates and there are not enough incentives for them to stay.

Our education system is in the bottom 10 states for 4th grade reading. Michigan’s population is declining and our economic future is in jeopardy. We can turn this around and give our children the future they deserve. Let’s start by making Michigan the best place in the country to be an educator.


A high-impact educator changes the life trajectory of the students they support. They not only impact their students, they also lift up, inspire, and support the educators around them and work collaboratively with families and the community.

Right now, the teaching profession is not set up to attract and retain high-impact educators. Together, we can change this.


Hear from some of our education leaders who are championing this initiative.

The purpose of TeachMichigan is to lift up the teaching profession through the people who are in it. Our goal is to make Michigan the best place to be a teacher in the country.”

Armen Hratchian, Executive Director of Teach For America Detroit

We know that our students can achieve great things, that our job is to help uncover their human potential so that each and every one of our students can live out their hopes and dreams. And we know that education is the lever for them to transcend. We want to provide the best education that we can, and our teachers are vital to that mission.”

Kevin Polston Superintendent of Kentwood Area Public Schools

Every student in Michigan should have the right to a dynamic, high-quality education. That will happen if we as leaders do what is necessary to attract, retain, and train high-quality educators. Everything about TeachMichigan is high quality.”

Amy Kronemeyer Superintendent of Sault Ste. Marie Area Public Schools